Coin operated automatic luggage wrapping machine




  • Profit for the entrepreneur
  • Prestige for the hotel
  • Quality Service to the customer
Length: 1.7m / Height: 1.6m / Width: 0.7m
Made of 2.5 mm sheet metal - Load-bearing monocoque construction - wood paneling for noiseless operation - choice of color
Stainless steel front with LED lighting for ultimate elegance
Brake wheels for easy movement
Two 0.37 Kw electric motors with reduction gearing for high performance
Two inverters for low power consumption
Easy machine configuration
Automatic mechanical luggage grip, made of special alloy steel, for easy luggage release
Reliable coin slots (NRI Alberici Comestero) with programmable-adjustable circuit board (made by our company)
Burglarproof metal coin box, with owner’s locker
Two doors with different keys, one for the maintenance man and one for the operator (receptionist-groom-bell boy) or for the person in charge for the film change.
Adjustable mechanical stretching for film saving.
Information and operating instruction display readout
Control via Wifi connection and  bluetooth for changing settings and checking counters
Weight scale (ballance) for 300 kgr