Coin operated automatic luggage wrapping machine



Αυτόματο μηχάνημα περιτύλιξης αποσκευών Respect - Σεβασμός
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Optional Features
Wi-fi or Ethernet for Internet connection
Usefull for setting parameters, camera real time watch, control, via internet
Camera CCTV camera
Bluetooth conection
For setting parameters, camera real time watch, control via bluetooth (Mobile phones e.t.c) 
21-32' LG-TV Usefull for Advertisments-Guides
Weight scale
 300 kg . Adjustable setting :Cost of the weight , time for  the weight scale to be available. Profit from the weight scale also
 Sticker Dispenser   
 Load & play videos on line
You can upload and auto play videos (if you have internet connection) of your videos
 Note validator or token
 For bank notes or reception tokens
 l Logo-Company at the front panel
Illuminated front panel  with your company-logo 
  Rubberize carousel  

Length: 1.7m / Height: 1.6m / Width: 0.7m 

Weight: 200 Kgr

Made of :  2.5 mm sheet metal - Load-bearing monocoque construction - wood paneling for noiseless operationChoice of any color as required

Stainless steel front-panel  with LED lighting for ultimate elegance with your company-logo illuminated

Braking rolling casters wheels for easy movement
Statistics, counters
Inverters and motors for low power consumption
Coin acceptor for all national curencies
Automatic mechanical luggage grip, made of special alloy steel, for easy luggage release
Automatic operation  for  self service customers (you set time limits,cost of each luggage to start for auto start ,illuminate the button you need to press)
Burglarproof metal coin box, with owner’s locker (until 3000 euros capacity)
Weight Load : 100 kg luggage
Adjustable  stretching for film saving.
Information and operating instruction display readout

Touch screen (settings-operetion)


Reliability & full functionality , with network connection and the remote control.

  • Profit for the entrepreneur
  • Prestige for the hotel
  • Quality Service to the customer